Multidimensional Benefits
for Clothing Donation Bins Operators

Crafted by BK Electronic Design Inc.

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​BK Electronic Design Inc. has decades of experience in electronic systems development 
for nuclear, medical and waste management industries.

We are proud to provide a solution for the challenges, which most operators of clothing donation bins are facing:

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Dumping around the Bins

QR Center

  • Decrease the risk of illegal dumping around the bins
  • Be the first (you and not municipality) to be informed by citizens about problems with your bins
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Reduce Bins Maintenance Cost

QR Center

  • React quickly to prevent issues from becoming unmanageable
  • Keep track of issue resolutions by your service departments
Dimension 3
Reduce Logistics Expenses

Fill Level Sensors 
and QR Center

  • Empty Bins only when needed
  • Reduce unnecessary trips to the bins
  • Stay informed about the current fill level of bins to plan the number of required dispatched trucks
Dimension 4
Eliminate Call Center Expenses

QR Center

  • Scrap your old phone call centers and stop wasting resources on outdated technology
  • Smart phone technologies are the answer to low-cost customer communication
Dimension 5
Boost Community Engagement

QR Center

  • Simplify user experience by making it a breeze for your customers to leave feedback
  • Promote your organization's branding effortlessly
Dimension 6
Insightful Data

Fill Level Sensors 
and QR Center

  • Keep track of the most problematic areas of bin installations and plan accordingly
  • Easily collect data for optimal bin placement to increase the amount of goods collected
Dimension 7
Instant Awareness

Fill Level Sensors 
and QR Center

  • Automatically receive notifications when there is a problem with the bin
  • Receive immediate notification messages when users or regular citizens leave feedback
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  • Contact us to discuss the other unique needs of your organization

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Multidimensional benefits for donation bins operators are packed into a user-friendly cloud platform. 

This video provides an overview of our product. 

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QR Center issue reporting

Experience the seamless citizen reporting process with our QR Centre. Make your customers happy by avoiding the neglect of "Your call is important to us..." 

Watch this video to explore the user reporting experience. 

Being informed sooner about the issue leads to less costly issue rectification. 

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